VitaPQQ - potentially helpful to CFS patients?


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VitaPQQ - a supplement containing (possible vitamin?) called Pyrroloquinoline Quinone.

Interesting article about it winning an award and what it supposedly does:

Some excerpts:

VitaPQQ is the first commercially available nutritional supplement to include Pyrrolquinoline Quinone (PQQ), the first new vitamin discovered since 1948 as reported by the journal Nature.
Reported by the journals Nature and Science as the first new vitamin discovered since 1948, PQQ has been the subject of over 175 published studies.
Similar compounds such as resveratrol which have been shown to have a similar mode of action as PQQ pertaining to mitochondrial biogenesis, have generated significant sales in the supplement industry and have become subject of research by major pharmaceutical companies.
Other health benefits associated with PQQ include improved cognitive function and increased energy levels.
I haven't done a whole lot of research about this stuff outside of reading this article and looking for places that sell it (not that I'd buy it now, but I was curious) other than quickly hitting up Wikipedia to read that:

"...there is no direct evidence that AASDH requires PQQ as a cofactor in its enzymatic activity. Rucker and colleagues concluded that insufficient information is available so far to state that PQQ is a vitamin for mammals, although PQQ may be an important biological factor."

Regardless, I'm quite interested to know what some CFS docs and members here might think.

I'll have to look further into it when I have more time/energy (mostly energy. :Retro wink:)


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The most important aspect from PWC's point of view is PQQ is reported to increase the number of mitochondria and increase redox cycling, something that most of us need badly as this disease seems to enjoy damaging mitochondria.

Life Extension Foundation has recently done an article on PQQ.

Thorne Research have done a more scientific article.

University of California appear to be researching it as well.