Vitamin D reduces viral respiratory tract infections

As the coronavirus epidemic sweeps around the world people are concerned about measures they can take to protect themselves. One simple measure we can all take to help our immune systems is take a vitamin D supplement.

I was watching a youtuber, Dr.John Campbell, who is providing daily analysis of the c-virus epidemic. Today's podcast went into detail about an article published in the British Medical Journal in 2017,'Vitamin D supplementation to prevent acute respiratory tract infections:systematic review and meta-analysis of individual participant data' 15/2/2027.

The study examined data from several research papers, with a combined number of participants of nearly 11,000, and found that people who take vitamin D daily get 19% less respiratory viral infections and 19% less bacterial respiratory infections.

It also found that if people who took vitamin D daily got a viral respiratory infection then the infection would have a less severe impact compared to those who didn't take vitamin D.

According to the research paper, vitamin D supports the immune system in various ways.

It 'reduces the scope of the immune response'. Sometimes when people get chest infections they develop acute respiratory distress syndrome whereby the body's immune system overreacts and produces lots of fluids that prevent oxygen getting into the blood and stops carbon dioxide going back into the lung alveoli to be breathed out.

Vitamin D is,'essential for the regeneration of the epithelial barrier'. Lining the respiratory tract is a layer of epithelialum which is kept healthy by vitamin D and helps keep viruses and bacteria out.

Vitamin D also supports white blood cells in their daily operations.

Considering that many people who live in the northern hemisphere are vitamin D deficient by the end of the winter then this is a simple inexpensive way of reducing the chances of getting a respiratory tract infection.
Good article.

Here is a link to about studies on high doses of Vitamin C and the C virus. I have broke some strong infections with high doses of C.
Thank you for the link. I have long been a follower of Professor Linus Pauling who pioneered research into the efficacy of vitamin C in treating flu. I take a high does of vitamin C every day.


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Also in the same thread noted above at Reply No, 13, there is a llink to what I believe is the paper that you refer to in your first post re Vitamin D, the flu and respiratory illnesses. (Dr. Campbell has been very interesting to follow on Youtube for his analysis of the coronavirus stats. and what the numbers might mean)

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