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SNT Gatchaman

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New Zealand
It's horrific. I am ashamed to see this from my profession.

While I believe this presentation was from the early 2000s there is nothing to indicate the presenter's attitude has changed. Recently Prof. Turner-Stokes has written an editorial in the British Medical Journal arguing against evidence evaluation in the (currently "paused") NICE guideline update for ME/CFS.

I can not take seriously someone who holds a professorship that can conclude a presentation with this slide.

The slide-show said:
The keys to success
  • Develop rapoor

Rufous McKinney

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We don't have anything that constitutes this sort of evidence even in psych illnesses that do cause physical symptoms like depression, right?

oh, well I queried the lap top, and it indicated many Opinions exist about psych causes physical symptoms.

So to get these symptoms addressed, something I read urged me to sign up and sign in to get some psych treatment!

I was pleased to see that should i decide to enroll myself for treatment, I am to not bring the following items-

For the safety of our patients and staff, the following items are not permitted on the inpatient areas...

  • Electronic items (cell phones, IPODS, video games)
  • Jewelry (wedding rings are allowed)
  • Any glass & metal objects (including underwire bras)
  • Scarves, belts, shoe strings, and draw-strings
  • Flammable items (matches, lighters—staff will light cigarettes during break times)
  • Drugs & alcohol
  • Mouthwash, hairspray, nail polish remover, aerosol sprays (Basic toiletries will be provided by the facility)
  • Stuffed animals, blankets and pillows from home, and hoodie sweatshirts
  • Clothing items with a negative/offensive message, or revealing clothing
If you or one of your visitors brings any kind of prohibited items on the premises, said items will be confiscated and, if necessary, destroyed or turned over to the police.

I always bring my pillow with me. Anywhere I go, overnite, I'll bring my pillow. But they won't let me bring my pillow?

Rufous McKinney

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Because he can't spell or because he thinks he can develop rapport with this level of condescension?

Was listening to a You tube video, from a hypnotherapist, counselling other hypnotherapists.

And so I oddly noted he was talking about this "rapport".

It must be a "thing" with the psyche folks. Its like something desirable, you want to have, so you can snooker your patient into simply understanding that they are Just Fine.

Rufous McKinney

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or because he thinks he can develop rapport with this level of condescension?

yeah, if you google Rapport and Psychology- Off Launches that huge topic.

Because it seems the psyche thing is to establish a "new relationship" with the client, and more or less take over the Parenting job that was somehow messed up in the psyche-challenged.

Now I am not antipsychiatry, per se. I am anti- being told I needed more attention from my mother, as a child, so I decided to play sick for 68 years.........


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Well it was the spelling that prompted that part of my comment, but I possibly shouldn't have emphasised that over the problematic preceding content.
I'm only teasing a bit. I couldn't look at the whole slide set without boiling over--hmm maybe I should read it as a therapy for OI.

My brain just boggles at this whole thing- the whole misguided project.

I commend you to the teachings of Surak for some Vulcan calm. Or I might have the wrong site for that. :)