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Video, Emerge Symposium 2019: Metabolic Traps in ME/CFS - Research Update by Dr. Robert Phair


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Sorry I dont know how to copy this video over here from facebook. It is a very detailed lecture by Dr. Phair about the Metabolic Trap Theory. You can cut and paste address.

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well...its finally here...the metabolic trap hypothesis: the role of the trytophan-kynurenine pathway, importance of IDO1 and IDO2 mutations, and the effects of these changes on the serotonergic neurons in the mid-brain as the mechanistic basis for the severely ill CFS/ME patients is finally being unravelled. crazy fascinating. i have ID02 mutations as predicted (whole genome sequencing) and my 5-HIAA has been off the charts (as would be expected if there are problems with th...
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