Very tired/crackly voice


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Hi all,

I've been on the joshua leisk protocol for about 3 months now. More info in my blog entries. After I got my second covid jab (AstraZeneca) in early June I started to notice my voice sounded pretty terrible, I also had an exacerbation of ME symptoms. I went from feeling honestly amazing the day before the jab, I felt happy, fit, healthy and SO good. The day after I felt pretty rubbish but then it went on...and on...and on. I got an infection in my throat 10 days in, swab at the doctors for staph and strep came back negative. So I have no clue waht it was. I took clindamycin for 3 days at a low dose, combined with Cryptolepis at a max dose and that seemed to shift it. I also took large quantities of Lauricidin at the time. I had an allergic reaction to the clindamycin on day 3 so my GP told me to stop and then refused to give me anymore abx because the swab was pretty unhelpful really. I took 4 more weeks for it all fully shift, partly because ebv appeared to reactivate.

I had a lot of jaw weakness for several weeks, which eventually got better and went. But the infection was very close to my vocal chords and now I just sound like I've got the flu most of the time.

Just wondering if anyone experienced this since having their second jab and more importantly did you figure out anything that helped?

I recently came off or titrated down on a variety of things that were in the Josh Leisk protocol to make sure I wasn't making myself sick (I did this on the back of blood tests which showed lowered wbc's across the board with a very low neutrophil count (GP is currently re-testing me in 2 weeks). Thankfully I didn't crash when I did this, I just had my symptoms exacerbate....returning to prior baseline very gradually....which to me is a good thing as crashing is the last thing I want.

So just wondering if anyone's had this in the past and it's gone away with time, or whether they had it post vaccine. I'd love to know what it is. Supposedly when the vocal chords relax that's when the voice sounds worse. Other than that not got a lot to go on.