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Oddly enough Super drug! https://onlinedoctor.superdrug.com/valtrex.html

You might have to be slightly inaccurate or obtuse in the consultation but its by far the easiest route. You just fill out the consultation and buy it and they will OK it within a day and ship.
Thanks for that. Shame, I have just ordered from USA. Which was quite a rigmarole. When I came to payment that was made through Thailand!!!! Hope it works out OK and is genuine. Will do superdrug next time, so thankyou


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The Bateman Horne Center is conducting a clinical trial on valacyclovir and celebrex to reduce Long COVID symptoms in women aged 18-65. Participants will be randomized into three treatment arms, receiving different doses, with a 12-week duration and in-person visits. Compensation includes $100 for screening, $10 weekly for surveys, and $50 for in-person visits.