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Vaccines and NeuroImmune disease


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Thanks for posting that link Ross, I hadnt come across that blog and the article before, it was interesting to read - there is so much evidence on the harmful effects of that particular vaccine its quite shocking and most people would not be aware of this. Also I agree with the stance of the article that it does seem that in the case of the Hep B vaccine programs they are mostly dictated by politics & economics rather than science.

I had a lot of neurological symptoms since the very start of my illness following and initially thought that I had multiple sclerosis which is interesting to me with the Hep B vacc being associated with a higher risk of MS too and other demyelinating disorders. I hadnt heard of ME/CFS anyway at that time so hadnt even considered that but the constellation of symptoms was very MS-like .... I had lots of dizziness, paraesthesia and nystagmus, drooping eyelids aswell as fatigue and brain fog and on top of immune symptoms like swollen glands etc. But then I was eventually diagnosed with CFS/ME instead.

Anyway lets hope that in the future more research is carried out what roles can vaccines like the Hep B one play in triggering chronic illness. Unfortunately and I guess it is no surprise at all really that this has not been the case so far as research grants usually go more towards developing vaccines rather than into research attempting to understand the mechanisms behind the negative reactions. I think this bias is highly irresponsible. Bonnie Dunbar who is mentioned in the article and who was herself a vaccine developer has applied for grants from the NIH to research genetic suscetibility to hep b vaccine adverse reactions but was turned down :rolleyes: She suspects strongly that it is the nature of the viral protein/antigen itself that is causing the problems.

Stephanie Cave says in" What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Children's Vaccinations" it is still not understood how vaccines act at the cellular level and there is still not much at all known about DNA recombinant vaccines either, like the Hep B one, and so you cant help but conclude that its just playing Russian Roulette with peoples lives.



Thanks for the info and link. Indeed maybe there is a genetic predisposition or maybe a retro-virus that is awakened from it's slumber by the vaccine....we just don't know yet. But I do know that the Hep B Vaccine was my trigger. There were no other discernible variables at the time. I had been very healthy and happy for 25+ years prior to getting the Vaccine. I was not sick with anything...got the vaccine....Boom, sick with ME/CFS. That was 1993 and, I have been mod-severely ill since. Obviously the Vaccine alone is not the "cause" or everyone who got it would be sick. But, the numbers of cases with post Hep B Vaccine ME/CFS and other neuroimmune illnesses, is much higher than what makes it to mainstream awareness. I think it is very significant that we maintain some focus on this issue and it appears that the "Vaccine link" will be revealed soon.


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