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Uricortin peptide

Does anyone understand enough about peptides to know if Uricortin II peptide could be in any way similar to the experimental CT38 peptide by cortene? I'm trying to figure out if there are peptides that can potentially modify the stress pathway system that are available now.

This is the peptide Uricortin II that I found online: https://www.abbiotec.com/peptides/urocortin-ii-peptide

This is the CT38 and cortene info: https://me-pedia.org/wiki/CT38 this says CT38 is a synthetic analog of Uricortin II

These are some other peptides I found that look interesting: https://cpcscientific.com/products/catalog-peptides/CRFS-003/
and https://www.abbiotec.com/peptides/acth-1-39-peptide this one has a whole list of related peptides

So I don't know any thoughts, seems like a shot in the dark and very expensive


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I didn't know this about CRHR2 and urocortin II,

"Calcium influx can be induced by the CRHR2 agonist Urocortin II "

I actually thought I had to be trying to reduce calcium influx.