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Update on my testing for Berg theory

I had written about a month ago that I felt better on blood thinners twice while given in the hospital over the last 10ish years. I ran into mentions here about the Berg hypercoagulation theory, read up on it, and made an appt. with a functional medicine doctor that has mentioned it as something he investigates and treats.

I had my appt. almost a month ago and he ordered a slew of labs. Low and behold, my D-dimer was over-range and my Fibrin Monomer was positive. I don't begin to understand all this, as even though I understand well enough when it comes to the body, this is something I've never studied before. But it is odd that I feel better on anti-coagulants and now my labs show hypercoagulation.

I think the next thing we will be doing is all the infectious labs to see if and what hidden infections I may have, and then begin treatment for that. From what I understand, I will most likely be on Heparin injections for 6 months while the antibiotics do their thing.