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UK Research Proposal by Dr Vassiliou into cardiological abnormalities following Covid


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I was contacted today by a Long Covid patient who had been asked by Dr Vassiliou, a cardiologist, to provide feedback from his proposal for research into cardiological problems in Post Covid Syndrome. Given how similar it is to ME, I am posting his study outline here. Unfortunately, it is very short notice as he wants feedback by 6th May; regardless though, it is interesting reading.

If you have any comments, it could be forwarded to Dr Vassiliou


  • Long Covid Dr Vassiliou RDS application.pdf
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I've only read a little on the first page so far but it is encouraging. I hope it spills over onto ME treatment and research as well.

I have always thought our hearts are affected by this disease. I get the feeling of "heart tiredness" on my worst crash days and have had heart pain many times but my doctor only offered a stress test which I passed about 17 years ago.

I have also heard that patients who take the 2-day CPET are often told they do worse than heart patients in their results?