UK ME/CFS Priority Setting Partnership - take part

Calling on UK based people to take part in the ME/CFS Priority Setting Partnership.

The first survey is open until 5th July 2021.

Take part:

The partnership is being facilitated by the James Lind Alliance, and funded by various big funders in the UK including the National Institute for Health Research.

This is an exciting opportunity to put the views of people with ME, their carers and clinicians at the fore of prioritising what should be researched around this disease.

Where previously academics have made most of the decisions around what to research, this is a real chance to demonstrate the priorities of people with ME whose lives are actually impacted by research.

The top 10 questions prioritised will be used to lobby funders and kickstart future research in the UK.

Loads more info about the process on the website, do have a look and please also share widely. Thank you.