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UK health insurance industry hears about Rituximab trial


Senior Member
Somewhere near Glasgow, Scotland
Well, if the health insurance scumbags hear this, they'll be quaking in their boots, dreading having to pay out a pittance to these idle malingerers, tsk tsk!
They need all the money they can get to fund their lavish lifestyles, and avoid all those disgusting hippie protestors in london and New York, don't ya know?
That 0.0001% loss from paying out is all the difference between a Ferrari or a Maseratti from this year's bonuses, the horror!
And damn it! Why aren't the Weasels working any more, this story needs squelched before the plebs get uppitym what do we pay you lot for?

yes, good old CEOs, for everyone else, there's a rock and a hard place, for them, there's the Golden Parachute!

(well, at least my "Sarcasm Gland" still works hehe)