UK Functional medicine doctors

I feel a little sad having read non positive posts regarding functional medicine doctors on other threads as I currently feel like its my next step.

I have my biological dentist working on issues I have going on and I need a doctor to direct my recovery in other areas with elements I have not looked at properly.

I can't afford to make a mistake. This will be the only chance I have at getting another doctor to help. I am considering Dr. Anton Krige.

I decided I need to do some more due diligence as to who I see.
I want an experienced doctor who also or has moved to practicing functional medicine. It makes me nervous that I cant see any reviews when google searching and I note the same for Neil Nathan who he is under the mentorship umbrella. On the flip side I like what he has to say and how he explains things in some presentations I've seen him do.

I would be grateful if anyone has any experience with Anton or other doctors in the UK, Ireland even as that's where I'm from.

Its such a hard path to navigate so your feedback and thoughts would be appreciated.

Brief history
  • Symptoms are typical of ME - diagnosed as such
  • Chronic mold exposure years preceding getting sick and really up until last year. I don't believe there is any current major exposure but potentially as it's an old house. No treatment or testing as I did not understand it may be required
  • Dental issues - Multiple amalgam removal 1.5 years ago, last removal of one amalgam 5 weeks ago, one root canal left, 2 root canals removed, 2 cavitation's (Only recently confirmed), TMJD (Currently undergoing initial treatment) - No detox carried out
  • Epstein Barr virus positive IGM February last year (Treatment ongoing - valacyclovir - quick relapse in symptoms when stopped over the course of over a year of taking)
  • Previous heavy drinker and smoker - Neither for 2 year or so.
  • Previous Chronic work stress - Not worked in over a year with a lot of the previous year off from breakdown and alcohol issues (I think the health issues had a major part to play)
  • Previous chronic life and emotional stress - Now it's mostly just this!
  • I don't believe I have the symptoms of someone with lyme but I definitely remember a large expanding bite which took over the back of one leg a few years ago which I took a picture of at the time but have not been able to find it, unfortunately I think it may have been lost from my phone not being backed up.
  • Noticeable decline from 2016, increasing in nature in 2017, continual ill health sinus and chest infections, lots of pain throughout body, flu teasers, as I used to call them with dental infections all through this time and to a substantial crash and decline in summer 2020 with varying levels of progress and decline ever since
  • I am far from my worst right now but having had a major crash at Christmas it has taken me months to recover somewhat.