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Ubiquinol --good past exp date? And is Pure Encapsulations price worth it?


Seattle, WA
I've been buying the $69.50 Pure Encapsulations Ubiquinol thinking it must have some added benefits to the Jarrow CoQ10 I took for ages (and felt nothing). I've been alternating them every day so make the money stretch further. I am being offered the PE Ubiquinol at half price because it expires soon and I'm assuming it'll be okay past its expiration date, but thought I'd ask if anyone knows anything about Ubiquinol's potency past "best by" dates... It does have medium chain triglycerides and sunflower lecithin...

Also, I was looking at Healthy Origins Ubiquinol, which seems to have identical ingredients to PE, but much, much cheaper. Could the "good" brand name really make such a difference? Then there's this Swanson one, which doesn't have ascorbyl palmitate or annato or sunflower oil and just seems cleaner. I'd love anyone's opinions!