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uBiome diet experiment


Senior Member
I went to the uBiome site to order and when they asked if I had a discount code I went looking for one. Didn't find what I wanted but I found this. Since many of us are trying various types of diets, I though some may find it useful. Am wondering if we contact uBiome, we could set up something similar specifically for us?

"A new study has just begun to research diets on an unprecedented scale. uBiome is partnering with Lift and a number of innovative companies such as Polar and wellness FX to support The Quantified Diet Project. Thousands of volunteers are signing up to follow one of ten diets for four weeks. You choose from one of the diets listed below and LiftApp will coach you through the diet. uBiome is participating by offering a special discount to measure your microbiome before and after the diet." For all details, click here

If anyone knows of a discount code for the full test (5 sites) please let me know.

Also, other info on the uBiome site, click here
I spent ages looking for uBiome discount codes too!!

I finally got some. I put a few of the coupon codes up on my blog if anyone is interested. I just used the Xmas deal discount code which got me three kits for the price of two.

Anyway, here's the links if anyone is interested:



The Xmas one is supposed to expire on the 10th. It might be worth checking if it lasts a bit longer. It's a great deal. $89 saving. I got my extended family to order them as well. $500+ later we have 9 kits!

Sick of spending money on tests!