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Two new articles about ... Lifestyle Management


Senior Member
Western Washington
Nice articles Jody! I've no idea where you are finding the time to write them given how busy you sound lately! Podcast, isn't someone coming to visit? Maybe not, I forget who all is having visitors this week here on the boards. hehe :D

I especially like how you took the old "Objects in Mirror are closer than they Appear" and flipped it around. So very true. I have learned to measure progress in myself in terms of months/years instead of days/weeks. Sort of like building a house actually. I learned with house building you don't think in terms of $100's but instead in terms of $1000's. It was an odd adjustment in thinking and just a little scary on a budget! hehe. :)

Keep up the good work and keep taking those rest breaks!
Lisa :)


Senior Member

My energy was good after the podcast yesterday, one more scary thing off the to-do list. :)

Yup, my brother from Toronto came to visit this afternoon. It went well, and he is gone now. So I've had some time for some emails and some foruming.

Was surprised to see it was almost 2 wks since I'd posted anything new on Ncubator, figured it was time, so it didn't get lonely. :)

Once I have an idea to write about I find writing for ncubator one of my more restful and revitalizing pastimes. I even enjoy the uploading of the articles to the site. :)

The phrase in the title was one of those things that popped into my head one day, and I suddenly had an idea for an article. Used it in a blog post within a day or two, took a few weeks for the article to gel. But that's what I like best, a word or phrase or sentence just appears in my head. I start to write and it sort of writes itself. Fun. :D

We do have to think long term. We forget sometimes which is why I wrote about it. Because I often forget this and it can bring me to grief when I do. Just trying to share an insight that might save someone else some bumps along the way.

And housebuilding -- oooh, yeah, takes a major adjustment in planning and thinking, big time. But things will work out for you, that is my hope.

Thanks for the encouragement. And the shadow puppets. I guess if you are doing the dog (as opposed to the elephant) it would be shadow puppies. :)


Senior Member
Gold Coast Australia
Hi Jody,
Loved your article and reminding us of our fragillity and altho we may be improving , we are not there yet. You are so gifted with words and able to extract what our hearts have been yearning to say but cant find the words. Trying to get this understanding of our closed lives to that "other" world is impossible. I too dont feel so lost for friends like I did when I was bedbound 11yrs ago...no computer..friends beating a hasty exit.
What you wrote was poignant for me to day as I seem to want to act Normal.....be the comedian that I once was and wear myself out doing it.

However today is different as I have been awake since 3 am in love with the granchild we were never meant to have...yes our very OLD 4 children have given us no g'children and a big beautiful mistake has happend and we are going to have one in March. My Gupta visualisations will change from now on....What joy I am experiencing today. Now we know we can hand down those precious Canadian 1st World War mementos and know that our forebears and us will have some relevance.