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Two gut bacteria research studies - Arthritis related, and Flu immunity related.


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England (south coast)
A strain of Lactobacillus brevis (KB290) has been found to give an immune boost to mice against a flu virus.
"The researchers noticed that the bacteria enhanced the production of not just flu-related antibodies but also the immune system molecules IFN-α."
Interesting that it boosts IFN-α (Interferon alpha.)
I haven't read the research paper yet, so I don't know how effective it's supposed to be, or what sort of immune boost it gives.
They haven't tested it in humans yet.

Scientists Prove That Special Japanese Pickle Prevents Flu Infection

Preventing flu: Scientists find bacteria in Japanese pickled turnips which could boost immune system

Japanese Turnip Pickle has Flu-Preventing Bacteria


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Very interesting. Thank you, Bob. I hope, that science starts to pick up on these things and takes the microbiome into account from now on.