Trying Valacyclovir or Acyclovir on my own -bad idea or worth a try?


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I just noticed that pharmacies here in Finland sell both Valacyclovir (500 mg x 8 tablets) and Acyclovir (200 mg x 25 tablets) over the counter for herpes simplex infections. Apparently I don't have an active EBV infection but I have elevated IgG antibodies against it so I had it at some point. (I also have latent HSV1 but it hasn't caused any trouble in years).

I've had ME since 2008 and am somewhere between mild and moderate, I can be upright for 3-4 hours a day without triggering PEM but obviously I'm unable to work. My illness fluctuates a lot though, and a year ago I was able to tolerate 2 hr walks several times a week and even jogged a bit (15 mins max, I used to run a lot before falling ill so it was amazing being able to do that again!). I started LDN in December 2021 and I feel like it has made some of my symptoms worse and has severe side effects, and I've had to be very careful increasing the dose. I'm trying to slowly get it up to 4.5 mg and see if it helps once my body gets used to it (currently at 2 mg).

I've read here that LDN can jumpstart the immune system to fight latent viruses hiding in the body and that might be one reason why I'm feeling so ill. So I'm wondering if there's any point trying antivirals on my own? I know for a fact that the doctors here are not willing to prescribe those unless there's proof that I have an active infection going on. The OTC meds are not cheap though and I don't have too much extra money. I wonder if there's any point trying them.

Thank you for any answers and insights!

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@Mimicry, I can't answer your question about whether it's advisable to try an antiviral on your own, but should you proceed, I'd go low and slow.

I've taken 500 MG of Valacyclovir for years, and it's prescribed by my doctor. What I've noticed is that 500 MG is as high as I can go without getting insomnia. I really don't notice effects with my daily Valacylovir. As I remember, my EBV titers on the test were at the very highest measurement. My doctor said that was either accurate, or my titers exceeded the top of the testing range.