Trying Amygdala Retraining 100%

Mt Rainier MD
Hi all, I've been a lurker here for a bit, and found Cort's site immensely helpful over the last 10 months as I toppled out of my normal life and into the world of CFS. I am doing a number of things that have been a bit helpful, but one month ago I committed myself to doing the Amygdala Retraining, and I am working at it everyday, consistenly. I have benefitted from reading the blogs of others here, and was wondering if anyone else is trying it whole hog as I am - it would be helpful to have someone to compare notes with.
I have also engaged a therapist with certifications in NLP and hypnotherapy to help me when I get stuck. I am planning to get better this year :), perhaps easier for me because I can remember it all so vividly. Memories of hiking or skiing all day, and laughing and drinking wine at night - these are things I can still taste and feel. I spent the winter weeping that they were gone forever.
I think mercury may have been what pushed me over the edge into this - who knows, really - but finally I am tolerating the treatement for it (just modifilan so far) and yet I feel like the mental stress and anguish I built up from being sick was keeping me sick.
My first month ha been transformative. I have improved from about 50% functionality to about 75%. I am thrilled, but want to keep totally focused on it. I can feel my body healing itself, and can feel systems coming back 'online' as I get out of my own way.
Anyone with helpful feedback or in a similar situation?


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I'm sorry I can't help with any feedback. Just thought I would say thanks for sharing this and a sincere wish for your continued improvement.


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Just keep focused on it! That's the most difficult part, I think, for these types of exercises. One of the really big problems I had and have, as you may remember from reading my blogs, is remembering times when I felt well (its been 30 years!). I think that is a key element in the program.

I also think - in fact I know - that I have a real problem with mercury, interestingly enough. Congratulations with your progress so far, thanks for the post and please keep us informed.