Trivedi Miracles


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Central Ohio
Miracles do Happen. That was the title of the introductory talk I heard in Columbus on a fateful Friday night. The date was April 30. I had been relapsing for a month and was filled with fear.

Fast forward to June 13, today. I have received 4 individual blessings and 8 - 10 group blessings from Mr. Trivedi. His powers are documented by scientists at I am so excited by my results, and the possibility that others with ME-CFS could get similar results, that I talked to the research director about it. "He is very likely to be interested in such a study," the director responded.

And so, I am asking all 2000 + forum readers, would you be interested in participating in a study?

If the answer is yes, go to my blog Search for the Cure: Blessed Healing . Scroll down to the end. Put your information in the comments section.

I want to keep all possible interest in one place to be sure I can get 50 participants before proceeding. So please don't private e-mail me about this. I'll be out of town for the next four days.

PS, if you're a suspicious, skeptical type, read through my blog from the beginning of 2009. And read the research link on the Trivedi Foundation website.