Treatment review


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I encourage everyone to see if they need to update their assumptions about the illness and their treatment. Whats come out of long Covid. , like MCAS is huge. And I just made a disturbing discovery that sadly took me years to uncover. I’ve made some assumptions about my health based on research I did 12 years ago when I first got sick, when I was at my foggiest. Today I discovered research that updates what I remember looking into. I had my gallbladder out right before I got sick. Not a big deal surgery but possibly the last straw for my body for the post flu me/cfs experience I then had. What’s important is the research is saying that yes the vagus nerve can be damaged during a gallbladder ectomy. And Gastro paresis can result. So the good news is I’m pretty sure a damaged vagus nerve is the bad guy in my saga. The bad news is now what. I think I’ve done just about everything I can to treat all my symptoms and syndrome that I have and have developed. This is that baseline causal factor that we all hope to find. But it’s the vagus nerve…. Has anyone had any success treating stimulating the vagus nerve?