transdermal application

HI ,

since i have a lot of gut issues i cant take a lot of thinks orally . acetyl-l-carnitine is a supplement i really want to try for supporting acetylcholine production .
only way for me to take it is the transdermal way .
problem is it doesnt fullfill all criteria to be absorbed transdermally

- it needs to be under 1000 da molecular weight - alcar has 203 da
- it needs to be hydrophylic and lipohilic - alcar dissolves in water and alcohol - so its not lipohilic
- unionised compunds gets better absorbed - didnt find out the degree of ionisation of alcar

so just with water it will not get absorbed since it is not lipophilic
( i tested it also mixed with 40% alcohol and the alcohol did get absorbed and left a salt behind on my skin - which was the alcar- so it didnt get absorbed)

then i wondered if this product can help -

what do you guys think can it work with pentravan ?
i looked up the pentravan study and googled a few things they tested for transdermal absorption . the druges they tested were not complete lipohilic like alcar