Topiramate - Have you tried it?


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Years ago when I was still healthy,
I tried Topiramate for Migraines.
I felt terrible on it,but only bec I became soo sleepy on it.
Now Im toying with the idea to try it again since I would appreciate the sleepyness and I heard it has a „upregulating“ effect on Gaba-B receptors.. and Dr Bateman uses it sometimes. Any experiences?

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Topiramate is a pretty powerful ant-seizure drug, used particularly for grand-mal, tonic/clonic seizures, which are full-body seizures. Not fun.

Like all anti-seizure dugs, which have a fairly limited patient-marketing pool, numerous off-label uses have been assigned to it, including, as you noted, for migraine headaches, as well as bipolar dysfunction, and substance abuse. More recently, it's been touted for weight loss.

Considering the damage that Klonopin, another anti-seizure drug can and has done, I'd approach with caution.

But on the plus side, Topiramate does have reproduceable effects on GAGAb receptors, but so does the herb skullcap, possibly with less side-effcts and easier, if still gradual, discontinuation, tho not backed by a lot of studies. Valerian as well.

Mybe try one of those (not at the same time .... they can potentiate each other with unpleasant side effects) before diving into smething that can rewire your brain and nervous system in unpredictable ways.

And keep in mind that once you start Topiramate, it might not be easy or pleasant to get off of. Drugs that work in whatever way on GABA receptors can be idiosyncratic, so this would depend on your particular system. Your previous experience with it could offer some hints ....