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To Those Celebrating...


Senior Member
Near St Louis, MO
To all who are celebrating the Pesach this week, I wish you every blessing as you commemorate the liberation of Israel from bondage.

To those of us who are entering the holiest season of the Christian calendar, I likewise wish you every blessing as we commemorate the Last Supper tomorrow night, go symbolically into the grave on Friday, then await the joy of the Resurrection on Sunday.

As a Catholic, tomorrow night we will attend the Mass of the Lord's Supper, after which our churches will be stripped of all altar cloths and our tabernacles will be emptied. On Good Friday, we will gather in the early afternoon and walk that spiritual walk to Calvary, then on Saturday night, we will gather outside our churches around a fire, for a ceremony that traces back to the very earliest days of Christianity, then we will process into the church in darkness, where candles will be lit from a large decorative candle, symbolizing the Light of Christ. Then lights will go on and joyful bells will be rung as we sing the Gloria for the first time since the start of Lent.

How do you celebrate in your church communities?