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Senior Member
South East, England
Yup, I had persistent left-side jaw clicking for many years, it didn't cause me much grief other than getting a tired and sore jaw at the dentist etc. It became worse in my early 20s, painful with a tendency to 'catch' when chewing, achy if I'd slept awkwardly on that side of my face. It came to a head when I went scuba diving in 4C water (not advisable!) and it locked badly, for 6 weeks I could only open my jaw about 2cm, which made life interesting :mad:

The specialist I saw basically said surgery is usually a bad idea and that resting it is best. I had a bite raiser (half a gum shield) custom made to wear at night or when it hurt, it helped a great deal and I recovered, so presumably I was clenching my jaw a lot and not letting it rest. Hope that helps...