TMI Alert - Urine?

TMI Alert!!

I've noticed that my urine smells odd - I'd describe it as a bit "meaty" lol. Dr Myhill, and I think Rich also, lists it as a possible die-off symptom.

The odd smell is not always there, for example yesterday it was fine, today it's back. I'm wondering if others have experienced this during die off and perhaps then I could use it as a marker of how I am doing with die off and as a pointer to when I'm ready to move to the next stage of the protocol.

TIA! :)


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I've experienced it in recent years after eating anything with beef. Not sure what it means - when I've looked it up, answers are all over the place as to what it does or doesn't mean. I think I first noticed it when I was eating a lot more beef (keto / carnivore). These days it's rare, but mainly because I don't eat beef much anymore.
Haha! Thanks for your reply but I don't think it's that cos I had chicken last night lol. Perhaps my description of "meaty" was misleading. Strong smelling anyway and unusual - never smelled like this before I started the methylation protocol.


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Are you eating asparagus or cilantro or something similar? There is a particular gene regarding those.

I can't remember the specifics right now but I know for sure that the asparagus especially can affect urine smell.

Edit: I wasn't aware that asparagus is a sulfur/thiol (something I just learned). I wonder if the smell you're detecting is from something you're ingesting that is a sulfur/thiol even if it is not asparagus. ???

Also don't rule out the possibility of a UTI of course.
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Thanks for your reply - no, I've checked my food diary for all the days over the past few months that I've been doing the methylation protocol when this strong smell as been evident and there is no connection with any food I was eating. I'm pretty sure this is to do with the methylation protocol particularly as it is listed as a die-off symptom and was hoping to find others with the same thing - perhaps it's not so common. :)