They got it (mostly) right


The good news is patients don't die the bad news..
Managing the disease
A lot of research is being directed toward finding the treatment of chronic fatigue syndrome. Yet no cure has been found till now. Symptomatic and supportive interventions may help the patient during the disease periods. Cognitive-behavioral therapy and graded exercises were once treatment options but advanced researches recommend against these methods.

Nice to see they acknowledge the mistakes of the past. They of course don't have much else to offer but they are honest in saying don't do the discredited stuff.

The next paragraph does have a line i disagree with
In up to half of the patients, the disease settles down enough to let them go back to work.


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Fixed it for you.
Ooh, clearly I am not bored enough with having to lie on the couch all day. /s

I wish I hated lying here looking out the window watching the birds instead of being in the park. I wish I were bored with binge watching Star Trek for the tenth time. I wish I were tired of having a brain so opposed to taking in new info I can't tolerate an art documentary I haven't seen twice before. I wish I were sad I can't listen to music with any sort of percussion. I wish I were tired of talking on the phone to may family and didn't want to see my friends anymore. I wish I hated the chore of grocery shopping and the annoyance of getting my hair done. I wish I were terrified to see the dentist.

What do you wish you were bored of?