The Unsung Heroes of Our Time, by Whitney Dafoe

Janet Dafoe

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The Unsung Heroes Of Our Time

ME/CFS patients are the unsung heroes of our time. We fight the suffering in this world silently and never get recognition from anyone. But still we fight. For freedom. For life. From the shadows we rise like pond lilies. Shining light. Silently, unbeknownst to the world we live in. Our courage soaked into the walls of time. And the rest of them. They ride the wave that silent heroes make. Alone. Generating the will to endure from someplace deep inside. And the rest of them. They live with that strength everyday. But they never know where it came from. No one does. It came from us. The ME/CFS heroes that cling to the edge of life for endless years, radiating that life outward to all. Because that’s what we do. We change the world. In silence. And without acknowledgement. But we don’t need it. That’s not why we fight. We do it for the light. That everyone else uses to see. And they never knew where it came from. It came from us. The silent ones. The forgotten ones. The ones who live our whole lives in darkness. We give that to the world. For free. And we don’t ask for gratitude. Because it’s what we do. We are ME/CFS patients. And we never stop giving off light. It flows from us endlessly. It weaves the fabric of the world. And the rest of them. They never knew where it came from. It came from us. The unsung heroes of our time.
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Great piece of writing that, unfortunately, encompasses many people with ME. Thanks for sharing it with the rest of us.

I hope Whitney is doing better day by day. You and your hubby raised a wonderful son, Janet. Yours, Lenora.