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The Project Pages - This is place to post ideas for ME/CFS projects, dig into them, figure out how to accomplish them, gather support for them and get them going.

We have a large group of people onboard with an enormous breadth of talent many of which have a serious commitment to improving the state of ME/CFS. Several accomplishments recently suggest that with a little organization and focus we might be able to make quite a difference.

It could be that this group made a difference in getting Dr. Oz to do his follow up (much better) program on XMRV. When Dr. Klimas' two hour video presentation on XMRV came up a group of Forum participants, without urging, quickly came up with transcriptions for the entire presentation.

Perhaps someone can offer good ideas on Project Management. I can think of:
  • Brainstorming - create the vision
  • Define the project - make it real
  • Determine what resources needed
  • Find the resources (or redefine the project)
  • Outline the steps needed to do the project
  • Do the project

I'm sure somebody could do better.

Create a Group - Once the idea for a project has been finalized a good way to organize it is through forming a group (a 'Social Group' in VBulletins terminology). We've had three groups formed thus far; the New Day Group following patients as they go through Mike Dessin's Doctors protocol, a MAD group focused on the last CFSAC meeting and a new group that focuses on keeping Wikipedia entries on CFS accurate.

Supporting the Group on the Forum and Website - We can support groups with announcements and highlighting their work in the new content management section (to appear shortly). They can find a home both on the Forums and on the Phoenix Rising website.
Not open for further replies.