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The most controversial/ridiculed/discredited/dangerous treatments out there.

Hello everybody struggling out there. I feel you.

It may seem absurd, but through my 9 years of my ill health research I came to the conclusion that SOME of the very valuable treatments out there were purposefully or wrongly discredited throughout the history.

I just want to have a mindful and objective look at the treatment’s core principles and deeply research the basics of its mechanism of action - not paying attention at SOMETIMES baseless and watery arguments against. There is a chance that this given treatment might broaden my understanding on how to get well.

I have Lyme and multiple coinfections by ArminLabs tests and so antibacterial/viral/fungal/parasitic agents would be of my (and probably of your) interest, however everything would be appreciated.

Please list everything you know including that you might find dangerous/toxic/non-effective and generally sketchy.

My list will be:

1. Chlorine Dioxide
2. True colloidal silver (silver nanoparticles)
3. Rife machine
4. Urine therapy
5. High Dose Iodine (Lugol or SSKI): 30-100x of what’s approved officially
6. HHO Browns Gas
7. Drinking only distilled water
8. Raw glandular therapy
10. Turpentine
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Well, Brown's Gas is pretty blatant pseudoscience. I'm not sure what drinking only distilled water is supposed to do; it would probably take months (or years or decades?) of nothing but distilled water (ie. no food or supplements either) to deplete your reserves of many (most?) minerals. Chlorine dioxide is definitely toxic, although that doesn't mean that there's no possibility of benefit for some disease. However, the same applies to probably every toxin, and I see no reason to believe that ClO2 is any more likely to have any benefit than mercury, cobra venom or anything else listed as toxic.

Given that ME responds differently for each individual, with maybe a 50% chance of any given treatment making an individual worse rather than better, I wouldn't put much confidence in any treatment listed anywhere for ME or infections.

From your list, I'd place random plant (or animal or insect) parts as higher probability of success than any of the treatments you listed.

FWIW, low doses of iodine (small drop of tincture) did help me, but higher doses didn't add any additional benefit.


I consider getting neck surgery controversial. It's one with a guaranteed high cost ($), risk (anaesthetic), and downside (recovery time from the incisions, etc) . Obviously it helps some but how can you be sure in advance?

a discredited one is rituximab. A lot of people improved on it but I believe whitney dafoe got worse on it..
I should add the following here:

1. Lithium Orotate
2. Whole Body Hyperthermia treatment (up to 43C)
3. Photodynamic Therapy
4. Bicarbonate; Hydrogen peroxide
5. CO2 costumes
6. Vitamin B17 (IV Laetrile)
7. Intermittent Hypoxic Training
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Rufous McKinney

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I consider getting neck surgery controversial.

there is also getting the curvature put back in your neck so its working better...the clinic in Florida does that one.

so you've got weights on your head and neck you wear for weeks as you try to get the proper curve to return.

Then after that, get neck ligament injections....