The Good moments / Bad moments


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United Kingdom
The strangest thing I think about this illness is the fact you can have the good times and bad times.
overall my health is bad and I am disabled.
But there are moments when I'm so very poorly and think oh my godness im going to die.
but there are also moments when I think oh my goodness I don't feel as bad right now!

This is a very confusing part of this illness and is perhaps why other people find it so hard to understand.

Eg: Sometimes I cant get out the car to make it just a few steps to the beach but then another time I will be able to do it.
or, Some days I can just about struggle around my village shop and pay for something, another time I can't tolerate even going in the door of the shop.
Sometimes just sitting in the car and going for a drive is to much, other times its ok.

I guess this is the nature of this illness, how do you all cope with the change from good to bad to good and so on...?