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Temperature Sensitivity Localized to Head

I have been experiencing sensitivity to cold/cool temperatures that is just localized to my head since October of last year. Since then, it has continually gotten worse. It initially started off mild with just a general numbness/head pressure and brain fog feeling when I was exposed to cooler temperatures that would last for a few hours.

Recently, I have become so sensitive to cooler temperatures that being in a room with any airflow/draft causes head pressure and brain fog that lasts for the rest of the day. This means that being outside or being in the same room as an air conditioner vent that is running is not possible for me. In the last few weeks or so the head pressure and brain fog have transitioned into being more painful. The sensation is akin to having a constant brain freeze, but it lasts for the most part of the day or sometimes all of it.

I'm in a catch 22 situation because I also experience external compression headaches in the form of head pressure and brain when I wear hats, so I can't protect my head really in any way.

I am unsure if I have ME/CFS, but I do have many symptoms that align with it. I have been searching on PR forums for temperature sensitivity issues like mine, but nothing seems to really describe what I am going through because my temperature sensitivity is only localized to my head and is not apparent anywhere else in my body.

I am putting this out there to see if anyone else has experienced something like this or has any ideas as to what mechanisms might be behind it. Starting to feel like one-in-a-million with this one.


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I wear a very loose zip hoodie with the hood up most of the time even for sleep. It does seem to help. I don't usually pull the strings to make it tight so it's just resting lightly.

I also have Reynauds.

Not sure of the mechanism...perhaps it's related to low blood volume and/or POTS or OI. ???


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Yes, I'm the same, except that I'll suddenly become extremely hot also and have to escape it immediately.

I have FM and I noticed it began about that time. I wear gloves as soon as the weather cools down, but in spite of the temps., I can't have any cold or hot air blowing on me. I'm in and out of sweaters, for example, numerous times in an hour. Undershirts help with the cold feeling in winter, and I wear only good quality natural fabrics in the summer (no linen though....too hot).

All these years later I know exactly what to expect and what to do for myself. My feet are constantly cold, but I can't bear having anything over them....very strange, I know.

I've never even mentioned this to my doctors as I have so many other problems that this isn't anything they can solve. I wear silk scarves in the winter....light but warm. For most people I guess that any scarf would work.

I've had cold hands and feet all of my life, the cold doesn't affect my head, but the heat will suddenly make my head and face feel like they're on fire. A loose fitting hoot may be just what you're looking for.

Also, I find that long sleeved clothing is best for me....I can always roll the sleeves up and then pull them down as needed. With FM, sitting under a duct is almost a guarantee that you'll be unable to move the next day. Yours, Lenora