Taurine wasting - making sense of Nutreval / Plasma amino acids


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Just wondering if anyone can make sense of my plasma amino acids profile, my Cystine is very high, according to Rich this means:

11. One of the most important sulfur-containing substances in the body is glutathione, so now you can see how this is starting to look like a dog chasing its tail! The thing that causes chronic fatigue syndrome to be chronic, and keeps people ill for years and years, is this interaction between glutathione, vitamin B12, and the methylation cycle. When glutathione goes too low, the effect on vitamin B12 slows down the methylation cycle too much. The sulfur metabolites are then dumped into the transsulfuration pathway (which is connected to the methylation cycle) too much, are oxidized to form cystine, pass through hydrogen sulfide, and are eventually converted to thiosulfate and sulfate and are excreted in the urine. This lowers the production of glutathione, which requires cysteine rather than cystine, and now there is a vicious circle mechanism that preserves this malfunction and keeps you sick.
I have taurine wasting in the urine but low plasma taurine, taurine is used as a mode of sulfur excretion, but also read it can be the body trying to make more sulfate (ref: here). Question is should I be taking taurine?


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