Targeting viruses in the CNS?


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I have this idea and I could be mistaken on this.

My CFS is caused by herpes in the CNS

The thing that I find that helps the most is Klonopin,Epsom Salt transdermal and sunlight

How does one target these viruses on a budget?

I know Robert Navieux talks about the cell danger response system but I havent seen alot of treatments for this mechanism.


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Look into monolaurin and anti viral herbs like oil of oregano, grape seed extract etc

I have tested positive for EVB, CMV and HSV (2). HSV 2 seems to reactivate once a month related to my period. Eating a diet higher in Lysine than arginine seems helpful to avoid outbreaks (before I cut corn and peanuts I was outbreaking every few days!) but even when I have the outbreaks under control there seems to be no improvement in my ME. If I crash hard from using my muscles it seems I reactivate CMV I actually got tested in a crash once and that found active CMV.

It seems that some people benefit from antivirals but others don’t.

For me doing a brief biofilm protocol seemed more beneficial (even though I have no gut symptoms) than directly addressing the viruses. But it took about a year of trial and error and being very careful as those protocols can mess you up!

I did a 3 day fast then took bone broth very day plus this very basic protocol. I saw small improvements in my stamina and reduced PEM and the HSV2 hasn’t changed, but now in a crash I feel less fluey.

NAC/Monolaurin - biofilm buster and glutathione precursor
Oil of oregano - Anti viral
modified fruit pectin - binder(mops up the die off)