Symptoms worse when lying down?


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I'm just wondering if anyone might have any ideas on this. My symptoms seem to be worse when lying down. That may sound crazy when talking about fatigue but my main symptoms are dehydration, thirst, frequent urination and I guess what one would probably describe as some for of dysautonomia/POTS. These all seem to worse when lying down.

For example, I've had more energy in recent months and have been a bit more active. Still mostly from home but able to go on some walks and do some light exercise here and there. I notice my thirst, frequent urination symptoms, although still there, are less severe when I'm upright and more specifically when I am more active. As if being more physical somehow stimulates my system, gets the blood pumping and everything working a bit better. I notice then, when it comes to laying around of the evening, on the sofa, in bed etc etc, I start to feel worse and worse, more thirsty, more urination, fluttery chest, weak, depleted. The same during the night when laying in bed and the mornings are the worst. If I don't force myself up out of bed in the morning to get moving or to eat a decent sized meal, I am just there dumping out clear urine every 20 mins, getting more and more depleted. If I get up and get moving a bit, and eat, things settle and I don't feel so bad.

I know this is sounding less and less like M.E. now but does anything have any idea what could be going on and why being inactive and supine gradually makes my symptoms worse, most specifically the dehydration and dysautonomia/chest flutter type symptoms.