Symptoms best on an empty stomach: diagnostic clue?

Does anyone else experience their worst symptoms immediately after meals? Regarding dizziness and brain fog particularly (but also including muscle twitches), my symptoms worsen well before the food can have any impact on my blood sugar. If I want to be at my sharpest, I need to delay my first meal a few hours -- until I get so hungry that my performance declines enough from the regular effects of low blood sugar to justify having that first meal.

Does this indicate that my dizziness or brain fog are due to an autoimmune response? Could anyone with some medical knowledge comment on what systemic physiological processes kick off once food makes its way down the esophagus and first reaches the stomach, e.g. the body signals the intestines to start working, or some other systemic process begins etc.


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In an old post of mine, there is a link to a video of a presentation you might find relevant. It discusses how POTS patients often have associated gastrointestinal symptoms, in particular rapid gastric emptying. This may explain some of your symptoms.

Hope this helps.