Swollen Lymph Nodes, Sore Throat

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Does anyone suffer from swollen cervical lymph nodes in the neck and a sore throat? I had an acute pain on the left side of my neck and a day later a 2 x 3cm cystic mass popped up in that area. A FNA biopsy showed a few atypical/inconclusive cells among a lot of blood and tissue. The mass has since decreased in size. But, on the right side of my neck I have a very small inflamed lymph node that just emerged. In fact, both sides of my neck feel a bit sore. In addition, I have a sore throat and hoarseness. I had an ENT exam and flexible laryngoscopy, which showed nothing abnormal. I am scheduled for a CT scan soon but am weighing the costs/benefits of having it done immediately and risking COVID-19 infection.

In any case, when you are over 40 and showing a lump in your neck, the first thought of doctors often turns to cancer. I am wondering if this part of my ME/CFS and the best way to manage it.

It is interesting to note that about a year ago at this time I had a virus and first got sick with ME/CFS.



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I also got sick with ME/CFS from a virus and have swollen cervical lymph nodes.
Some lymph nodes had reduced Hilius and since the reason for this was unknown, so I was undergoing CT to rule out any spreading metastases + a manual bloodwork (by microscopia) was done to check out if there were any Blasten, Mysolozyten, Promelyozyten or any other leukaemic cancer signs.
Luckely there were no leukemia in my blood, so the lymph nodes have since then to be checked 1-2x times year by ultrasonic.
I still found it somewhat strange that the university has not done any biopsy, but I guess they have not done it because CT and the manuall bloodwork was "ok".

However so,
studies have shown that ppl. with CFS with swollen lymph nodes + increased TGF-ß + chronic immune system activation have an increased risc to develop cancer like e.g. Hodkins lymphoms.

So I dont know what advice to give,
if you can afford it, I would do a CT + manuall bloodwork to rule out at last some cancer/leukemia/lymphom diseases, but this is just my personal opinion.

risking COVID-19 infection.
If I visit a doctors office I wear a FFP3 mask + gloves + have some desinfection spray always in my pocket. Whatever a doctors office give me (even if I buy foods in the supermarket), I desinfect all those "things" at home with an UVC-lamp.
Certainly there will be no 100% protection, but doing so decreases the risc to get Covid or any flue.
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Hello Matthew.....I'd say that swollen glands and a sore throat are some of the most common symptoms of ME. I know I suffered with them for many, many years (perhaps 30 or more) before they finally went away a few mos. ago, only to be replaced by another "rare" combo of ME symptoms.

It sounds as if you've had the first laryngoscopy and nothing untoward showed up.

this is not a surprising turn of events for people with ME. We have just about every symptom known to man...I can remember having really swollen glands and sore throat years before my ME was diagnosed. Sometimes you wonder exactly where to turn...good question. I wish you well, Matthew. Yours, Lenora
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