swelling up to 5 lbs a day ankles and legs huge. Kidneys hurt


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I can even fell my kidneys pulsate at times. I take wellbutrin sr cut the dose to 150 mg recently.
could that make me swell more?

Drink lots of water. Not to much but enough.

I dont understand this?? no protein in urine, have had an ekg before nothing.

If I excercise I get in like in a pem. If I dont excercise I still have it.

The water is so bad I can feel it constricting my blood vessels.

Had this before when I had toxemia and I was pregnant. The water actually started seeping out of tissue.

I took savella and came off it after about 5 days never a full dose. It has been almost a week since I finished it.
I toke just a peice of ultram for pain a chip off one and started swelling.
What can cause this are my kidneys shutting down?? am I crazy like every other symptom.
Oh yeh take avalied for hbp and it is normal.
Do I have signs of this dystanoumi whatever I cannot even spell straight.
I really dont understand it.
Anyone Anyone ideas or treatment.
What should my doc be checking??
The meds I take are wellbutrin 150mg once a day where I was taking twice a day. Avalide in morning when i get up and klonopin and valuim for sleep.
All of you are so bright and of course Doc sees it but I think I need to say what I think needs to be done.
Heart whatever.
Any clues or ideas would be appreciated.


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Yep, I can relate except for the weeping. I feel that the swelling contricts my blood vessels in the lower extremities. For a number of years I have asked the doctors about this, they squeeze my ankles and say "they are not worried about this." Well I am, as it hurts.. On my legs, the ankles swell symmetrically, but high up in my legs, the swellling "pools" I could take a magic marker and draw circles and ovals, and these are sore and painful.

The foot doctor who did my surgery said it was lymphadenopathy and I was treated years ago for that with manual drainage. It was suggested I wear compression stockings, but I do have a bad back and one could really throw their back out getting into those things. So I am not compliant with the stockings but I do feel less pain when I wear them.

The pool helps, however, we do not live in the pool. Hanging upside down (if this is lymphadenpathy) would help the fluid although many cannnot tolerate inversion.

Why is this happening. I asked my PCP today at my appointment. His answer........ hold onto your hat...... "what are you doing wrong?" He asked me that twice. Time to look for a new PCP maybe. I have only been going to him for a year, as mine former guy retired.



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Hi hensue

I only know what the problem was for me. I tried seven different blood pressure meds before I found one that controlled my high blood pressure (but I also have orthostatic intolerance) and stopped my feet swelling to the size of a shoebox - each. I didn't get swelling much up my leg though. Even now, I have points in my feet that are very swollen and press on nerves. I suspect this is an interaction of CFS and blood pressure medication, something that most CFS patients don't experience because most have low blood pressure. I also strongly suspect XMRV infection in the lymph nodes in my feet - but as I can't get tested yet, I don't even know if I am XMRV+.

My suggestion: talk to your GP about swapping blood pressure meds, and keep doing that until you find one that works. The only reason for not doing this would be if your fluid issues began before you started blood pressure medication, in my opinion.



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Hi Susie,

I would contact your doctor. If you can't get an appointment quickly, at the very least, consult with a pharmacist.

Swelling in feet and legs can be associated with many things. I did a quick drug interaction check with your medications and there can be a number of interactions. Food can also interact with medications and your body's ability to metabolize/eliminate drugs through the liver or kidneys is important.

I don't know your age but swelling in legs and feet can also be indicative of congestive heart failure. It is always better to seek a doctors guidance. ME/CFS is complex and with all the supplements and medications many of us take, they can put a huge strain on our bodies.

Please take care, call you doctor, and keep us posted! ~ JT


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my cousin does this hensue,
she cannot take Any kind anti inflamatory med or she will swell to high heaven to the point of fluid coming out of her legs.
and on top of cfs/fibro she has RA. so shes really stuck.
i there anything new you have started taking in the last couple weeks?? thats about how long it takes before it hits her.your doc needs to take a look at you Pronto! if it's a med affecting your kidneys,they can catch it
before it does any damage.


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I have found that these symptoms come up when I'm going into a bad patch.

Acupuncture has helped, but I have to use the classic Five Elements kind, where the needles don't stay in a long time. Freddd's Hidden Story protocol has helped with these symptoms, too, and so has doing Taoist exercises (don't take much physical motion, more energetic) taking glandular extracts (no hormones) and herbs for my kidneys.


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Hey did not know everyone replied to my post. I dont think it has anything to do with blood pressure. This started before my blood pressure issue. What drugs do I take? Wellbutrin 150 mg.
once a day now.
Klonopin 1mg at night and 5 mg at night for sleep.

If I have a really bad day or headache I will take a darvocet.
this swelling is down right now you would think they are swelling looking at them. down the 5 pounds now so every time I have a quote flare as I call it. My weight and fluid retention goes up.
Get this not that it matters anyway since we have oil in our beach now. Just walking in salt walter I swell and hurt really bad. I am stupid so what is orthostatic intolerance?
All of you are sooo nice to reply I had a long journey to a pain clinic today I hope it does not start again.
Dear god it would be horrible to have RA also and not be able to take something.
Pain clinc wanted me to start gabapentin??? Swelling in legs I dont think so.
Thank you so much
I go back to the doc in 7 weeks he is on vacation.
I need to get back with the doc i am sick of this.

The fluid is not coming out my legs or weeping right now. they get real tight and shiny though and hurt.
Well I am glad I am not crazy.
Sunday acupuncture has helped? what is taoist exercises. What glandular extracts do you take and herbs?
One dr told me one time it was my lymph glands or whatever