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Sweet/Metallic taste in back of throat symptom


Senior Member
I am hugely intolerant of all sugar-based foods , anything over 10g per 100g i have to avoid brings back my more severe symptoms of fatigue and poor wellbeing. The same goes for coffee, or anything with caffeine in. The other day to bring me out of an unproductive fug I had half an espresso. I was able to work for the rest of the day really well, but the PEM for 3 days after was terrible.

One symptom i have noticed with this has been a sweet/metallic taste at the back of my throat after having the coffee. I just spoke to my doctor and he just doesn't think this is significant. Has anyone else experienced a similar effect after having coffee/ a stimulant that may raise cortisol/adrenaline levels to produce this odd taste? The aftermath is the strange taste i mentioned, but also a hollow feeling in up chest/throat area- a virus-like feeling - and of course the fatigue. After 3 days these symptoms have died down, but i just can't believe they mean nothing, just acid reflux as my dr suspected.

Sound familiar?