Survey on CFS treatments


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Hi, all.

The site below is collecting results of various treatments for CFS. It might be helpful if more people posted their results there, good and bad. I'm of course interested in methylation-type treatments, which don't seem to be listed there yet, perhaps because no one has posted about them, but I would encourage people to post on whatever treatments they have tried. The more data, the better.

They do show B12 injections and B-vitamins treatments, but not specifically a combination of B12 and reduced folates, such as folinic acid or 5-methyl tetrahydrofolate, as are used together in the methylation cycle treatments.

There are now quite a few methylation protocols being used to treat CFS, including the full Yasko treatment, the simplified treatment approach that I extracted from it with the help of a CFS patient, the Defeat Autism Now! type treatments, including those tested by S. Jill James et al., the Vinitsky protocol, freddd's protocol, the Pall protocol (which is directed at the NO-ONOO cycle, but which now includes both hydroxocobalamin and 5-methyl tetrahydrofolate, and thus is effectively a methylation cycle treatment), Dr. Sarah Myhill's methylation package, Dr. Derek Enlander's protocol, and the PamLab prescription medical foods, including Deplin, Cerefolin-NAC and Metanx.

The use of these types of treatments seems to be growing, based on the inquiries I am receiving almost daily now, but I think it would be helpful to more people if the Curetogether site carried some data on the results of using them. Perhaps just referring to them all together as "methylation treatments" would be the simplest way to go. I don't think we know yet which specific protocol would be best for most of the people, but just having some data there for "methylation treatments" would probably be a big help to so many, who are trying to improve their health status. I've added a category with that name. It's currently at the bottom of the list, with no data shown for it.