Announcement Support Phoenix Rising — Set your AmazonSmile charity to PR, and PR will get 0.5% on your future Amazon US purchases

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Phoenix Rising Team

Help With Phoenix Rising Running Costs:

The running costs of Phoenix Rising (web server, insurance, accountant fees, etc) amount to quite a few thousand dollars per year. These costs are funded mainly by PR forum readers, who support PR via PayPal donations. But if PR can get more income from AmazonSmile, that then relieves readers of some of the financial burden.

To help out, if you shop on the US Amazon, you can set your AmazonSmile charity to Phoenix Rising. Then for each US Amazon purchase you make in future, Amazon will donate to Phoenix Rising 0.5% of your purchase total, at no cost to you.

So that PR receives this 0.5% donation, you need to make your purchase on Amazon's sister site AmazonSmile, which is easy, as it looks almost identical to Amazon, has exactly the same pages, products and prices, and works with your usual Amazon login credentials.

If you purchase your items on Amazon instead of AmazonSmile, Phoenix Rising will unfortunately not receive a donation. So it's a good idea to install a browser extension that changes the Amazon links in your Google search to AmazonSmile links, so when you click the links, you will be automatically sent to the AmazonSmile version of the product to make your purchase. That way you will not forget to go to AmazonSmile.

Some great little browser extensions that do this are available for Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Microsoft Edge. Just go to these webpages, and you can install the extension into your browser with one click.

Note that PR is registered as a charity on the US AmazonSmile, but is not present on the UK or German AmazonSmiles (the only other two countries that have AmazonSmile). So unfortunately no way for PR to get charitable donations from Amazon stores outside the US. Although in the UK and Germany, you can choose to donate to other ME/CFS charities registered on AmazonSmile.


Phoenix Rising is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization whose mission is to support patients with ME/CFS and related conditions.
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