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Support ME/CFS research by buying video games (Humble Bundle)

From Reddit:
Humble Bundle often sells video game bundles for charity.
If you buy one of these bundles, it's possible to donate the money to OMF or other ME/CFS charities.
For example this one is for sale right now: https://www.humblebundle.com/capcom-sega-atlus-bundle
1. Click "Pay what you want".
2. Click "Choose where your money goes"
3. Click "Charity"
4. Click the bottom charity (Choose your own charity)
5. Search for "Open medicine foundation" or "Solve ME/CFS" or whatever charity you want
6. You can now drag the sliders to select the amount. (100% is possible, if you set "Publishers & Humble Tip to 0)
7. Continue as usually

More information about Humble Bundle:

Charities you can donate to:
Open medicine foundation
Solve ME/CFS Initiative
Action for ME
ME Research UK
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Thanks. Also, they have done Audio Book Humble Bundles in the past too. I've got some good cheap utilities software from there too.