Supplement Swap: Have extra supps u want to sell/give away? Do u want someone else's?


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Supplement Swap: Have extra supps u want to sell/give away? Do u want someone else's?

hi all,

i am too hyper-reactive to take many supplements now. but i have a ton of them that i've ordered over the last year -- some opened and some not. it seems i can't go up or down on anything without worsening my condition. i'll be making a list of supps i have that i can't use and will either sell or give away. any interest? i'll try to come up with the list soon.

meanwhile, do others have lists of their supps they want to sell/give to others on this forum, or buy/get from others on this forum?

Thanks to Diva55, we have these guidelines:

1. Put the country you're from - as sending them overseas will add to the cost or be a problem with customs.
2. Put against each supplement, or at the top of yr whole list, if you want to SELL / SWAP / DONATE
3. Edit your orginal post to say SOLD once you have organised a sell/swap/donate



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Is your name "Noel Edmonds" by any chance? ;)

Seriously though it is a good idea. I can see a sub-forum developing. I actually asked for a specific forum for supplements a while back but was denied. "Supplement Swap" could be a sub-forum of the supplement forum.


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I went to see what I had - in the early days my brother sent me a load, and some I really didn't like, but they are all open with maybe a week's worth used...
people might not like that.
Glucosamine Hydrochloride Higher Nature 60 tabs
MSM 100mg Higher Nature 160 tabs
Vit B2 100mg Holland and Barratt 90 tabs (think the doc got it wrong, she wrote b2, did she mean b12?)

If they are any good to you.

I've got a ton of Gabapentin, but I'm not allowed to give that away. The garlic took it's place.

Random poem that came into my head while thinking of the supplements exchange...

"What is the flea that creeps so strange
in the locks my hands do range?
The humble louse, filled with your blood.
Is he good meat for my hunting?
Can I crunch his legs like crackling?

Tenderly, tenderly chew his chump chops
before he's aware, and hops?
Have his brains on toast
and a joint for the roast,
Stew his bunions with some onions,
his beliefs with his opinions?

The flea is good. Delectable.
My dinner's on your head.
For one man's poison is another man's meat.
And thank you very much.

Phillip O'Conner 1959


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Jace, was reading your supp list. Do you have joint problems? Noticed the glucosomine and MSM. Do they really work?



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Not for me, sweetie, that's why they are up for grabs. My bro' sent me these when I was first sick, for what were mostly neural probs. Go figure.

But yes, actually, my hands are shot because of the work I did. C'est la vie. They are good enough for normal work, and a lot better since the ME stopped me making sails. They used to sing after a long day at the workbench.


I just stumbled across this and thought swapping supplements is a great idea! Just to clarify, these are the ones you've got right?:
Glucosamine Hydrochloride
MSM tablets
Vitamin B2

I only ask because there is some variation between products. Also, a little unrelated, but has anyone got any Citricidal

Has anyone thought about setting up a whole website for supplement swapping?



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supplements for sale. a lot of these are are from the yasko protocol. i seem to have become hyper reactive to all supplements, so i'm not going to take these listed below. if interested, please email me in a private message. i did not list prices here. but if folks are interested in any, we'll negotiate from there. i'll be more flexible with some than others.


==== supplements for sale, from the East Coast of the US ====
(ideally i'd like to sell these, so if you are interested, let me know and i'll look up what i paid for them, or their going rate, and then we can negotiate the price. if i can't sell them then i will consider donating, but hope recipient can pay shipping costs. A FEW I WROTE "HAPPY TO DONATE" BY THE SUPPLEMENT. I HOPE TO GIVE THOSE TO PEOPLE IN NEED.)

Two Dr. Amy Yasko books re: autism that some folks with ME/CFS are following, as per Rich Van K's Simplified Protocol (both books marked up with underlining and notes)
- Puzzle of Autism
- Genetic ByPass

Whey Protein, Jarrow brand, 1 1b (454 grams), unflavored protein.
1 full container unopened and also, separately, a half full container
No expiration date -- likely less than one year old

PaleoCleanse Functional Detoxification Powder, Designs for Health brand
Dietary Supplement
756 grams
Opened but none used
no expiration date -- likely one half a year old

2 bottles of
Yasko's recommended
Super K with Advanced K2 Complex, Life Extension brand
Opened bottle: 39 out of 90 pills left
Unopened bottle: 90 softgel
Expiration 5/10 -- likely opened 1 yr ago

Magnesium Malate, Source Naturals brand
Yielding 833 mg Malic Acid
1,250 mg, 180 tablets
Opened and only about 4 tablets gone
Best if used by 2/12

Sphingolin, Ecological Formula's brand.
Myelin Basic Protein
60 caps

Vinpocetine, Dr. Perlmutter's brand
Opened: 52 caps used, 60 veggie caps
best if used by 8/10

Sage, Viable Herbal Solutions
90 veggie caps, 600 mg each
Unopened: No expiration date
Bought last year.

B-12 Patch
1000 mcg of Vit B12 and 200 mgc of Selenium
Unopened: No expiration date
Bought last year.

CoQ-Gamma E, Allergy Research Group rand
60 softcaps
Ex date 12/09 (but that was when I bought them!)

Progest, Emerita brand
Natural progesterone cream
2 oz
Never used, not once.
Expiration date: 06/11

L-Glutamine, Source Naturals
500 mg, 100 caps
Expriation date: 8/11

NADH, Source Naturals brand
5.0 mg, 30 tablets
expiration 3/11
opened: 3 taken. All the rest are individually sealed in foil.

Branch Chain Amino Acids, Life Extension
Opened: 90 caps, 54 left
expiration date 7/08

5-HTP, Vitacost brand
100 mg, 60 caps
expiration date 7/09

Lactoferrin, Jarrow Formula
60 caps, 250 mg
opened: 55 caps left
expiration date 5/10

Ora-Adren-80, Douglas labs
100 caps, unopened
Exp 4/11

Dibencozide Coenzymated B12, Source Naturals
Sublingual, 60 tables

Burbur Detox, NutraMedix
1 fl oz (30 ml), about 3 ml used?
Expiration 1/09

Ashwagandha, Jarrow Formulas
225 mg, 120 veggie caps
Expiration 6/10

ATP, Holistic Health Consultants (Yasko)
60 tabs, unopened.
Experiation date: 2/10

Fenugreek, Nature's Way brand
100 Caps, Certified 610 mg
Expiration date: 12/12

Copper Caps, TwinLab
100 caps, 2 mg each, about 5 gone?
Expiration date 1/12

Sodium Chloride (normal salt tablets, not buffered tablets)
expiration 12/10
cost me $73 for 1000 tablets
500 or so left, 1 gm tablets

Essential Fatty Acids, Vitamin Discount Center brand
120 Softgels
Expiration date 03/31/11
opened: Almost full bottle (will count if anyone is interested)

DHA 100 mg Neuromins, Vitamin Discount Center brand
60 softgels: 30 left
Expiration date 08/28/09

Ayur-Boswellia Serreta, Holistic Health Consultants brand
90 caps
expiration 03/2010

Vitamin D-3, Source Naturals brand
100 caps, 2000 IU each capsule (52 caps left in bottle)
(bioactive form)
Expiration 7/12

Intrinsic b12/Folate. Metagenics brand
60 caps. 24 left
opened 2 yrs ago, expiration date unreadable but I think it is 06/10

FolaPro, Metagenics brand
60 caps, 18 left
opened 2 yrs ago, expiration 12/09

Adrenal Health, Gaia Herbs brand
60 caps, 36 left
Expiration date 12/11

Ginko Biloba, Weil brand
90 caps, 22 caps left
60 mg each
Expiration date 08/10

L-Tyrosine 500 mg, Jarrow Brand
100 caps, unopened
Expiration 01/2011

Ora-Adrenal-80, Douglas Labs
100 caps, opened and 89 left
expiration 4/11

Policosanol, Source Naturals brand
20 mg
60 caps, 52 left
expiration 3/12

GrapeSeed Extract, HHC brand
100 mg
30 caps, 25 left
expiration date 09/30/09

EstroBalance with absorbable DIM, Enzymatic Therapy
30 tablets, unopened

L-Carnitine Fumarate, brand (NSI)
500 mg
60 caps, 40 left

Cholacol, Standard Process brand
90 tablets, 52 left
opened 2 yrs ago?
No expiration date

Cranberry (standardized) Natures Way brand
120 tablets, 39 left
expiration date 02/2010

Isocort, Bezweken brand
240 pellets, likely 239 left
Expiration 04/13

Skull Cap, Viable Herbal Solutions
60 caps, likely more than 55 left
Expiration date: none given
Likely bought 1.5 years ago

Gymnema, Viable Herbal Solutions
60 caps, 44 left
Expiration date: none given
Likely bought 1.5 years ago

Spirolina (organic) powder (need to put it in caps yourself or take as a power)
1 pound, at least three quarters of a pound left
like 1 yr old, not sure of expiration (I'll check if anyone is interested)

RNA Nerve Calm: half full bottle (opened 4/1/09, no expiration date, but I think RNAs are only considered good for a few months)

RNA Bowel Support: three quarters full bottle (opened about 1.5 yrs ago, no expiration date, but I think RNAs are only considered good for a few months)

- Ora-Pancreas: 18 left (likely 3 yrs old)
- Super Digestive Enzymes: 9 left (likely 3 yrs old)


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more supplements for sale

ooops, here are a few more.... from East Coast USA. hoping to sell these.

Chromium Picolinate, TwinLab brand
200 caps, 200 mcg each, 88 caps left
Expiration 4/13

Vit E Succinate, Allergy Research Group
100 caps, 51 caps left
Expiration 3/10

Xlear Nasal Wash with Xylitol
Expiration 1/10
Three quarters full

Magnetic Clay Detox Bath Kit "Clear out kit"
(if interested, i'll weigh it, but it is likely over half a box: a good amount. for foot baths or full baths)


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and one more (from East Coast USA. hoping to sell this)

Clari-T, Earth Therapeutics brand
Acne Serum with Tea Tree
1.05 fl. oz
Not much used. and amazingly, i found that it works to fight back against acne.


Great idea.
Can I suggest that:

1. You put the country you're from - as sending them overseas will add to the cost or be a problem with customs.

2. You put against each supplement if you want to SELL / SWAP / DONATE

3. You edit your orginal post to say SOLD once you have organised a sell/swap/donate

Thanks for setting this up Rrrr

Supplement Swap: Have extra supps u want to sell/give away? Do u want someone else's? rrrr


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I was thinking of this, but i am not allowed to make new threads yet.We all know how expensive can it be when we are testing so many things.Proper prioritization is crucial but i am sure i will get to a functional solution at 1/5 of the time and cost if i am able to buy failed supplements for someone that may work for me, or exchange if there is mutual needs.

My current budget requires very careful picking and I need to do a lot of reading here to pick my choices and wish I will be on point.Drugs, peptides, bdnf peptides, nad+ precursors etc.

I decided to start with intranasal insulin and ldn which are cheap and i believe they will help.
INI should provide fast relief from brain inflammation which is my worse symptom and should be safe and sustainable for long term until i find something else.but it should give me my brain power back so i can research better about my condition, me personal subtype and possible pathways to solution.

I thought I knew enough but here I realize there are many possible treasures to be discovered from people much more knowledgeable than me, who have tried many more things and have quite deeper understanding and theories.

I just need my mental clarity to proceed.Thank you for what you have created here.
my options