Sugar Land biopharmaceutical company gets FDA approval to treat COVID-19 long haulers with adult stem cells


The good news is patients don't die the bad news..
Might be to reverse tissue damage. In lungs for instance. I've been wondering about stem cell treatment for that.
Problem is might could mean anything.
If its not helpful but they can still spin it as a win it could make the hydroxychloroquine debacle look like a dinner party
There are still people who peddle it.

@Alvin2 yes very vague, but getting fda approval to try is encouraging.
Actually it isn't encouraging.
This is one of the many reasons when a research study is done its unethical to revise the end points or the expected results because they can be rewritten to make something useless or harmful look good.
For example this was done with the infamous PACE study for ME in order to get the fraudulent result they wanted.
Hence this type of fraud has been use to club us since it was published a decade ago.
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Fair enough. I know stem cell tech is in infancy ad well. Not sure how this would work. Besides knee they dont know how to directly apply cells, is what i have

so a woman told me she works in stem cells and said its possible that if they dump them in the body, maybe it will restart the immune system, reduce nuero inflam etc. she isnt sure
If that Is what They are doing But said they are the correct cells To do thatx. Thoght id mention.
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