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Success with methylation protocol Homocystein reduced, DIM lowers Estrogen

Based on the following polymorphisms

+/- CBS C699T, BHMT-04, BHMT R239Q, VDR Bsm, VDR Taq, AGT M235T/C4072T, DAO, FUT2, GAD1, MTHFD1L, MTRR A66G, MTRR-11 A664A, MTRR, PEMT, SLC19A1, SLC19A1, TYMS

I have been supplementing with Solgar methylfolate 1600mcg plus 5000mcg of methyl B12 first thing every morning. Plus B6, magnesium, pottasium, molybdenum, zinc, selenium,kelp, liver tablets, curcumin. Have been doing this for 8 months.

Latest homocystein level was 7.1 umol/L whereas it was 11.6 in 2011.

Due to long term estrogen dominance and researching CYP1B1 which is involved in detox pathways I have been supplementing with diindolylmethane (DIM) for last four weeks and quite shocked to find my Oestradiol level went from 256 pmol/l (reference is 26-156) to 90 pmol/L and my Testosterone went from 22.4 nmol/L to 32. plus my AM cortisol was normal whereas it has always been on the high side. Oestradiol has been high for number of years and inspite of methylation protocol I have been on last 8 months.

also fasting blood glucose has always been 5.6 mmol/L but last lab was 4.9

So everything seems to be moving in the right direction and I assume it is due to methylation cycle being more active and having downstream affects.

Any advice on what else I should be doing to address my other SNPs. I recently had 24hr urine catecholamine test which I will post results when I get them.

Many thanks


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I totally hear you! It's hard. Glad you have a little improvement though, and interesting to see the difference in labs.


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Sth Australia
Due to long term estrogen dominance and researching CYP1B1

Are you saying those two things go together in some way?

I have estrogen dominance (PCOS) and CYP1B1.. my estrogen dominace seems to be getting better as for the last year Ive been getting a normal menstrational cycle (something I never used to have.. so its weird to be finally getting regular periods when Im now in my 40s). I thought that may of happened due to the low carb diet Ive been on to treat my insulin issues.

We are on a lot of the same supplments and have many of the same issues.

My CBS mutation caused me to have almost nil molybdenum... supplementing with that helped my brain, I could do maths in my head again after 5 days supplementation (something I hadnt been able to do in years). I take the molyzinc form but need to start taking another form as my zinc I dont want it up higher but my molybdenum is still quite low (thou at least it shows now on a graph.. its still only half way to getting into normal range. (im using hair testing to help guage how much supplementation to have).

My MTHFR same as yours.. I take methylB12 and methylfolate (didnt compare doses). My dose amounts are still needing work on there. Treating this has given me more endurance and may of helped several other things too. Its affects in my case were so gradual that they werent noticable except over more long term (but it clearly does help me).

Selenium.. I take too. (I used to have very high copper). Ive found that helps my nails and hair. I couldnt get my hair to grow past my shoulders, tried to grow it there for 15 years but due to selenium, its now almost to my elbows.

My testosterone was low (almost nil). I dont know how that has changed on these things.

My fasting glucose is on the high side (about to go into diagnosable diabetes)... none of the things im taking has helped it and its getting worst.

. I recently had 24hr urine catecholamine test

I have high noradrenaline and take prescription drug for it (clonidine)

best luck
On molybdenum it was also non recordable on the hair mineral analysis test I had 2 years ago - I need to retest so maybe my CBS hetrozygousity is being expressed. Thanks for reminder.

Very good Estrogen metabolism article which explains the enzymatic cofactors and related snp's

my gp referred me to what I thought was going to be an endocrinologist but was actually a general md who actually said "I didn't know there were good and bad estrogens"