Success keeping EBV in check with Tagament and/or a herbal protocol


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I'm happy to report I've had success keeping mouth sores and flu like symptoms away lately. Tagament (cimetidine) helps a lot. Most people don't know that even though it's over the counter it's a very effective antiviral against retroviruses. I just don't like to be on it long term because it can cause dementia later in life and you need to take betaine HCL with meals when you are on it because it lowers your stomach acid. But it's been amazing for me to get rid of the mouth sores. I've also finally found a natural protocol that helps but it seems like I need to take 4 to 6 different natural antivirals at a time for them to work. My current successful protocol is monolaurin, olive leaf extract, oil of oregano, raw garlic, cats claw, reishi and andographis 3 times per day with meals. If I take all those together they do the same job as Tagamet does.


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@chilove - several years ago my doctor recommended cimetidine to help my immune system. Unfortunately, within a few days of starting it I was hit by a very dark mood which I could not shake. Finally I looked at anything I was doing differently, which included the cimetidine. I did research and found that it can cause depression in some people. I stopped it and my mood bounced back relatively quickly. Just wanted to give you a heads up about a potential negative effect - but I'm glad it's helping you with EBV!