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Submit your video footage to Canary in a Coalmine


Fine, thank you

Canary said:
Thank you to everyone who has already submitted their self-filmed footage for Canary in a Coal Mine, a documentary about ME and CFS.

We're making a second call in the hopes of increasing the diversity of our submissions.

We are especially looking for informal, self-filmed video from patients who are:

– men
– people of color
– people living outside the US
– children and adolescents
– people who may be homeless or in dire financial straits
– people who are camping or living out of a car (whether for financial or health reasons)

Click the link below for more information and to make a submission.

More info: the suggested length is 3-5 minutes but if you aren't feeling well, even a minute if more than fine. It's impossible to encapsulate your experience in such a short period of time so it can really be just a slice – "this is how I feel, in this moment" either physically, emotionally, imaginatively, whatever. Or a slice of the world around you, e.g., the view from your bed or wherever it is that you spend your time. Film it on your phone or computer. It should not feel professionally shot or composed. It should feel real and immediate, like many of the YouTube videos ME patients post are.

Hope that helps and if you aren't up for it today, maybe you will be tomorrow. Although we were hoping to get as many submissions as possible before February 5th, the deadline is rolling so you can also submit something months from now.