Study on miRNA, ceRNA and Fatigue


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I found this link on S4ME:

The paper (quite long and complex) is about how these modulatory molecules are associated with the perception of fatigue. I certainly don't understand the paper, but I think it might be important in understanding ME.

"The regulation of gene expression is a complex interactive process, and transcriptome-level regulation is the key link in the gene regulatory network. ... The miRNAs in ncRNAs are closely related to the occurrence and development of fatigue, and lncRNAs and circRNAs are related to the occurrence and development of fatigue. ... Therefore, we suggest that the miRNA-centered ceRNA regulatory network is closely related to fatigue."

Since T2 affects miRNA transcription, this might explain why T2 was beneficial for me. Now, why did cuminaldehyde's permanent blocking of my PEM also block whatever it was that T2 was fixing?