Studies on Hydrogen Water and HRV Biofeedback Recruiting

Oops! Yes, that's a typo; they really do seem to suck at making flyers :headslap:

But I first saw this flyer on Solve ME/CFS Initiative social media, and I don't think they'd pass along something that wasn't legit:

Also, like I said, I had done another study with this same group at Dr. Friedberg's lab at Stony Brook University a year or two ago. Because of my participation in that study I recently received the following e-mail about the hydrogen water study:

This note is to tell you that we are starting a new home-based treatment study and to ask if you would be interested in participating. The purpose of the study is to examine whether a technique called heart rhythm biofeedback and a specific over the counter supplement, hydrogen tablets, can improve the fatigue and other symptoms of chronic fatigue in people with chronic fatigue syndrome (ME/CFS). The study lasts 10 weeks and involves doing heart rhythm biofeedback and/or drinking hydrogen water and also completing online questionnaires and diaries.

Heart rhythm biofeedback has been shown to reduce fatigue in CFS in an earlier study. Initial studies have shown that hydrogen water may protect cells from damage that may be related to this ongoing illness. Hydrogen gas and water are generally regarded as safe, and lack toxicity even if consumed in high doses.

If you think you would be interested or would like further information, please respond to this email.

Best regards,
Fred Friedberg
Principal Investigator


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