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I took a comphrensive stool test twice, about two years apart. No smoking gun - so not yeast, nor pathogenic bacteria, nor pancreas- but it was nice to have comfirmation theat these things were not likely causes for me. Also the markers for inflammatory bowel disease were pretty much negative (the ones specfic for that)> So also good to have known that.

what was abnormal was 5 times higher than upper limit of nomral secratory IgG. This is a bit unuusal because most with issue apparntly show lower than normal segratory IgG. (common) The interpreation of this elevation is that I have an upregulated immune response in my gut- but this givs no clue as to cause. Coudld be a pathogen, could be an allergy, could be autoimmune. So back to square 1...

or perhaps shoule say there was no cheese on that maze alley. If i can mix metaphors, perhaps its now back to kissing more frogs in hopes of finding the rare prince.

oh, both times on the test, the results were in pretty damn close agreement.

If you do it, please post results here; would like to know what you find.


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Hello all. Just wondered if anyone who has the gut symptoms we get, like nausea, bloating etc, has had a stool test which revealed anything.

I had a CDSA done, years ago now. It showed high levels of a pathogenic bacteria called Pseudomonas Aeruginosa. Also severe dysbiosis. They used a scale of 0-20 to calculate dysbiosis.

0 being no dysbiosis at all and 20 being the highest the test could measure. Mine was an 18 out of 20! Which was "severe dysbiosis".